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The Weatherize Guyz, LLC can keep warm air inside your house where it belongs. We offer weatherization services in Derry, NH and the surrounding areas. You can count on us to seal and insulate your home to make it more energy efficient.

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Your house is cold. Not just a bit chilly, but cold. You crank up the heat, but that only provides temporary relief. Where’s all that heat going? If your house is like most in the U.S., your heat is escaping through the ceilings, walls, floors and doors.

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Learn about The Weatherize Guyz and our values to see why clients trust our weatherization services.

Air Sealing

Rely on The Weatherize Guyz to seal the crevices in your home and keep air from leaking out.

Attic Ventilation

If your walls and attic aren’t insulated properly, contact The Weatherize Guyz right away.

Cellulose Insulation

Combine all of our services into a custom weatherization plan for your home.

Fiberglass Insulation

An effective way to increase thermal efficiency is to minimize convection by keeping cold air “out of circulation”.

Replacement Doors & Windows

Our window and door products are easy to maintain and designed with a tilt-in sash for easy cleaning.

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At The Weatherize Guyz, we’re dedicated to providing dependable weatherization services in Derry, NH and the surrounding areas. You can trust us to make your home more energy efficient because:

  • We’re skilled: we have over 15 years of weatherization experience
  • We’re highly qualified: our work consistently passes a wide range of third-party inspections

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